10+ phototaking spots for your minimalist OOTD along SG’s Green Line! (Part 1)

If you find yourself taking all your photos in your room (nothing wrong with that!) you might be wondering – where else could you take your minimalist white OOTD shots? This week, we bring you all the variations of white. We ventured along Green Line to hunt for the most hidden places of Singapore to find gorgeous minimalist backdrops around your estate that make perfect minimalist OOTD photos!


  1. Tuas
  2. Raffles Marina Lighthouse

    First stop, Tuas! Tuas is hardly the place you think about when you think OOTD, but the Raffles Marina Lighthouse is one of a kind. Also known as the Johor Straits Lighthouse (it is overlooking the Johor Causeway!), it is one of the few standing lighthouses in Singapore. Tucked away in Singapore’s West side, it looks incredibly serene standing under the sky and atop the river banks. It is an irresistible OOTD spot, definitely worth a trip to the West!

    With the pastel blue sky as the backdrop, we paired this casual denim set that looks playfully chic. You can enjoy the breeze, watch the sunset, and watch the day pass quietly by.


    Nearest MRT: Tuas Link
    Location: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404


  3. Gul Circle
  4. Under Gul Circle MRT Station


    Among the industrial buildings, dust, and construction, this place surprisingly makes a good OOTD spot. With the carpark under construction and the tractors behind, this place could look like a wasteland in your photos. Could be a zombie post-apocalypse movie setting too!

    Rock this location with some ripped white jeans and a simple white t-shirt. We love how this look goes so well with the whole idea of this place!


    Nearest MRT: Gul Circle
    Location: 7 Tuas Rd, Singapore 638483


  5. Joo Koon
  6. NTUC Warehouse Carpark


    Where in Joo Koon? This is another one of our random finds – the NTUC warehouse! While the NTUC warehouse itself was well lit and white, this carpark was much better! With the muted white and grey walls, as well as trolleys decked together for the supermarket-goers, this quickly became our playground. Not forgetting, one of the most popular (and fun!) ways to pose in 2016-17 was in a trolley! It doesn’t matter how old you are, we all love to be rolled around in wheels.

    We must say – a red lip colour kind of was the important cherry on the top of the cake. Wear something cool and light – a black parka was what we needed to slay this shot.


    Nearest MRT: Joo Koon
    Location: 1 Joo Koon Circle, 03-21, 629117


  7. Pioneer
  8. Nanyang Business School 

    Beside The Hive, commonly known by NTU students as the “dim-sum” building, we have another surprising find – the Nanyang Business School. This all white building makes for good minimalist photos especially with the blue sky in the background. Along this long walkway, you can take photos with The Hive in the background, and at the end of the walkway you will also find a glass room that is under construction! Talk about brilliant natural lighting. In this glass room you can take beautiful photos without being burned under Singapore’s scalding weather!

    For a back-to-school-but-still-cool look, wear a flattering light blue dress that shows off your shoulders, and dress it up with a denim jacket for the super cold lecture theatres!


    Nearest MRT: Pioneer
    Location: Block S3, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Nanyang Technological University, 639798


  9. Boon Lay
  10. Blk 664 Carpark


    Next up, Boon Lay! Boon lay is seen by Singaporeans as a great estate to live in, and we see why! With many condos and beautifully coloured HDBs, we chose this HDB carparks to take OOTDs in. To be honest, this colour scheme totally reminded me of Santorini. Ok, not nearly, but a girl can dream! At the top of this carpark, take photos with the blue-white as background. What we loved even more was the colourful doors for each of the levels – they were all painted pastel coloured and super cute!

    To complement this pastel looking place, dress comfy in some boyfriend ripped jeans. These jeans definitely come in handy in a capsule wardrobe.


    Nearest MRT station: Boon Lay, Jurong East
    Location: Blk 664 Jurong West 64


  11. Lakeside
  12. Taman Jurong CC

    The Taman Jurong Community Centre looks worlds apart from the community centres that we all imagine. Its black railings and white walls makes itself stand out in my minimalist aesthetics radar. What’s exciting in this CC is this orange wall. With the sunlight against it in golden hour, it looks absolutely out of this world. Catalog? Magazine? Editorial? I think this is less OOTD and more of art. The aesthetic freak in me was jumping in joy – best spot ever to take photos?

    Going with the black and white theme, we styled this classic set – black tank and a comfy pair of black shorts, complete the outfit with some gold rimmed black sunnies.


    Nearest MRT: Lakeside
    Location: 505 Yung An Rd, Singapore 618616


  13. Chinese Garden
  14. Chinese Garden

    Hidden in the centre of Chinese Garden is an old style garden that looks almost as if it is taken out of a historical drama. The water, fences, wall decoration, and plants gives you so much room to take different styles of photos!

    In contrast with the traditional architecture, wear a minimalist top instead. With this fluttery top from Nobody’s Child, it really pops against the greenery!


    Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden
    Location: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795


  15. Jurong East
  16. Singapore Science Centre

    Jurong East was a tough hunting ground, and after searching for hours we decided to give the Science Centre a shot. Really, after all these years we are going back to the science centre again – made us feel like little kids. What’s more, the displays were the same since 2005! Finally, we came across this white observatory tower that has a white staircase and a dome-shaped top. Turned out well in the end! Take note though, you can see the stars in this observatory, but it only opens on Friday nights! 🙁

    Who says minimalism means no colours, or no patterns? We paired this intricately patterned black top with some white ripped shorts, and sandals. To add some edge, wear sunnies!

    Nearest MRT: Jurong East
    Location: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081


  17. Clementi
  18. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

    Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) now known as Singapore University of Social sciences makes a great spot for OOTDs. Between Block A and B at the fifth level is an open garden where where is brilliant lighting and a relaxing space where students can relax.

    We styled this casual classy look that will surely perk you up in school – a flowy white top and some grey shorts always saves the day. For extra flair and comfort, layer a cardigan on top.


    Nearest MRT: Clementi, King Albert Park
    Location: 461 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599491

    1. Dover

    Singapore Polytechnic

    Another school for an OOTD! Forget the rooftop at design school where everyone takes their OOTDs. This tennis court at the sports complex was a love at first sight for us. Lots of white, blue and green, and abundant sunlight, are the ingredients for a good shot. Not to mention, this place will automatically give you a more athletic look.

    A black tank, patterned flowy shorts and a denim cardigan is all you need to perfect this OOTD shot.


    Nearest MRT: Dover
    Location: 500 Dover Rd, 139651


  19. Buona Vista

Star Vista Performing Arts Centre

Buona Vista is Singapore’s biggest mall, and it’s no surprise that this spectacular building has been used for many an OOTD! Here, just outside the Performing Arts Theatre, is a mini auditorium and an open space deck for people to gather and relax. Snap a picture here in the wind for that perfect OOTD!

Dress in a black collared top and some ripped white denim shorts for a preppy and cool look.


Nearest MRT: Buona Vista
Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617


For more amazing photo-taking spots that you can visit from Commonwealth to Kallang, continue to follow us on our Green Line adventure here: 10+ Amazing OOTD Spots Along SG’s Green Line! (Part 2)  and 9 Awesome OOTD spots for Minimalists Along SG’s Green Line (part 3)!

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