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Her childhood addiction of building houses on Sims brought Wan Teng to discover her love of interior design. Her mind tends to be all over the place, hence her interest in just about everything, from design to travel to food. This is probably why you'll see her mostly on pinterest and tumblr sourcing out aesthetically pleasing homes. Regarding photography related interests, she actually has a really amazing collection of meme faces.

IKEA Home Ideas: Kitchen

Back at it again with the IKEA stuff! As we all know, there are so many different places to get cookware and dinner ware for your home now, with Taobao being the main contender. I love a good taobao h…

20 Items on ASOS for Pastel Lovers

Think baby pink, dusty rose, a lighter shade of mauve. These shades of pink have been in for quite awhile now, and I am jumping on the bandwagon because I cannot get enough of this!! For those of you …


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