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Instagram Interview @Anniset

Hello! My name is Anna, and I am from Valencia, Spain. I am an architect but since I was a little girl I have been surrounded by creatives and I didn’t stop there after getting my diploma. I also studied a master in illustration and Design and as of today I combine the communication management of an architecture studio with Instagram collaborations. I do always take pictures with my better half, Daniel Rueda, (you may know him by @drcuerda). We both love to create minimal and funny pictures and to travel around the world looking for new adventures!

At the beginning, the pictures we took were more spontaneous and we used to shoot with our iPhones. But, little by little, as we started to recreate some ideas we had in mind and print them in big scale, we changed our work flow. Right now, we use a Canon 5D Mark III and a canon 24mm Tilt-Shift lens. Being architects means being pretty much obsessed with vertical lines, and as we combine our instagram love with architectural shootings we found this lens was perfect for us.

We use photoshop to edit the picture in the computer. The editing is very soft, we edit the light and the vertical lines and, sometimes, if is necessary, we clean the scene a little. Real life is not always as we would love it to be and there is always some dirt in the façades or some cracks. I do always do some final retouches with VSCO and the Instagram app.

Any props that you think people should get when shoot minimalist type of photos?

Well, we love props! It may sound funny but I do always wear colorful umbrellas in my bag, even though hardly ever rains in our city. We also have always big colorful balloons near! But we are alway thinking of new props to play with in the pictures because anything can be a good prop. Play with perspective tricks and daily objects are a good combination to get stunning images.

Who inspires you on Instagram?
Instagram is an amazing place. I do get inspired by many people everyday but specially I do love the ones that play with creativity like @umtiago, @suissas, @pchyburrs, @allthatishe… and many more! To know more just check the people I follow. They are pure inspiration.

I do have many favorite places to shoot. Some of them are far away from home, like the lovely city of Copenhagen or Munich but we are lucky to live close to one of the most instagramable places of the world, la Muralla Roja. It is a private residential building and I am sure that the architect that designed it, Ricardo Bofill, would never imagine that thanks to an app people from all over the world would know its existence. The pastel color tones are just amazing.

I do believe that less is more, but, less doesn’t mean “empty”. We do always try to tell a story through images with the as little elements as possible, to make the storytelling clear but with a soul. More than a just trick, this is a written thought, and maybe these few lines can inspire someone somewhere. I will love to see the results!

Hope you enjoy our interview with Anna and the photos from Anna’s Instagram feed. Do check out her instagram feed.

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